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What are?
Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website.

What are they for?
Cookies are used by us to ensure the user the best experience on our site. This site uses cookies, including third parties, to send personalized promotional messages.

Types of cookies
Cookies are categorized as follows:

Session cookies: cookies automatically deleted when the user closes the browser.

Persistent cookies: cookies that remain stored in the user’s device until a certain termination date is reached (in terms of minutes, days or years from the creation / updating of the cookie).

Third-party cookies: cookies stored on behalf of third parties.
It is possible to check and delete individual cookies using the settings of most browsers. However, this may prevent you from properly using certain features of our website. To learn more you can refer to  or

Management of cookies directly from the site
To optimize your experience in the management of cookies, we have decided to organize the cookies used by this site in four categories, based on the objectives pursued: essential, comfort, performance, advertising.

Essential: These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the site and its functions. Examples: authentication cookies.

Comfort: These cookies improve the comfort and usability of Internet sites and provide various functions. For example, you can store search results, language settings, and font size.

Performance: These cookies collect information on how websites are used. Performance cookies help us, for example, to determine which are the most popular sectors of our site. This allows us to adapt the contents of Internet pages to your desires and at the same time to improve the Internet services offered.

Advertising: These cookies are used to personalize the sending of information and advertising communications, according to the user’s interests, eg. based on the pages visited.


Arbatus Editrice respects the privacy of its users and undertakes to protect the personal data that they give to Arbatus Editrice. In general, the user can browse the website without providing any personal information.

The collection and processing of personal data takes place when necessary to Arbatus Editrice in relation to the execution of services requested by the user, or when the user himself decides to communicate his personal data; in these circumstances, this privacy policy explains the methods and characters for collecting and processing the user’s personal data. Arbatus Editrice processes personal data provided by users in accordance with current legislation.

Collection of personal data
Personal data means any information that can be used to identify an individual, a company or another entity. For example, the name and surname, the e-mail address, the address, a postal address or other physical address, other information necessary to contact the customer, is collected for example as a non-exhaustive example, user, qualification, date of birth, gender, work, commercial activity, personal interests, other information necessary for the provision of services requested by the user. Browsing on the website takes place anonymously, unless the user has previously specified that he wishes Arbatus Editrice to remember the identifier with which it is registered and the relative password. Arbatus Editrice does not perform the user data collection operations using automatic methods, including the e-mail address. Arbatus Editrice records the IP address of the user (Internet Protocol, ie the Internet address of the user’s computer) to get an idea of ​​the area of ​​the site that the user visits and of the duration of the visit, in compliance of the current legislation regarding the protection of personal data. However, Arbatus Editrice does not link the user’s IP address with other personal information relating to the same if not after having duly informed the related processing and having obtained his consent to the treatment, and only with respect to users registered on the Like many other websites with character and content addressed to the services, the website can use a standard technology called “cookies” to collect information on how the site is used by the user.

The Arbatus Editrice collects the personal data of the user on the occasion of its registration on the website, to issue an account, necessary for the user to use certain products or services on the website. In particular, registration is necessary for the user to enter comments on news, when the user asks to receive certain e-mails or to be included in a mailing list, or when the user, for any other reason, communicates his / her data personal to Arbatus Editrice. Arbatus Editrice uses this information only where the same has been legitimately collected, in accordance with this Privacy Policy and in compliance with applicable legislation.

Communication of Personal Data
In case of collection of personal data, Arbatus Editrice will inform the user of the purposes of collection at the time of the same, where necessary, will require the user’s consent. Arbatus Editrice will not disclose your personal data to third parties without your consent. If the user decides to provide his personal data to Arbatus Editrice, Arbatus Editrice will send to the user material related to information activities only after informing the user and obtaining the consent of the same to the treatment, in accordance with the provisions in force in personal data protection theme.

Purposes and methods for processing collected data
Arbatus Editrice processes the personal data of the user for the following general purposes: to satisfy requests related to specific products or services, to customize the user’s visit to the site, to update the user on the latest news regarding services on the website, or other information that Arbatus Editrice deems to be of interest to the user, and that come from Arbatus Editrice or its partners, and to better understand the needs of the user and offer the same better services. The processing of personal data of the user on the website for the purposes specified above is carried out in compliance with the current legislation for the protection of personal data.

Scope of Communication and Dissemination of Personal Data
The user’s personal data are not disclosed outside the website without the consent of the person concerned, except as specified below. As part of the website organization, the data are stored in controlled servers which are allowed limited access in accordance with the current legislation for the protection of personal data. Arbatus Editrice may communicate the personal data of the user to third parties in one of the following cases: when the person concerned has given his consent to the communication; when communication is necessary to provide the product or service requested by the user; the communication is necessary in relation to third parties working on behalf of Arbatus Editrice to provide the product or service requested by the user (Arbatus Editrice will communicate to these only the information that is necessary in relation to the provision of the service, and to the same is forbidden to process data for different purposes); or to provide the user with the information that Arbatus Editrice deems to be interested in knowing on the website itself and the other entities connected to it (at any time the user may request that they no longer receive this type of information). Arbatus Editrice will also disclose your personal data in case this is required by law.

User Rights – User Account
If the user is a registered user, he / she can have access to their personal data by accessing the page where they are contained in the menu item “My ACCOUNT”. The user can request cancellation from the newsletter, can limit the spread of their emails or in general of their profile to other members. To request cancellation of your Arbatus Editrice account or any other personal data by sending an e-mail to the following address:

Data Security
The user information on the website is protected by a password to ensure the confidentiality and security of the user. Arbatus Editrice adopts all the security measures and physical, electronic, and organizational procedures required by current legislation. In some areas of its website, Arbatus Editrice employs standard SSL encryption systems to increase the security of data transmission. Even if Arbatus Editrice makes reasonable efforts to protect the user’s personal data, Arbatus Editrice can not guarantee the complete total security of the data transmitted by the users during the communication, therefore Arbatus Editrice warmly invites the user to take all precautionary measures to protect personal data when surfing the Internet. For example, you are invited to change your password often, use a combination of letters and numbers, and make sure you are using a secure browser.

Third Party Sites
The website contains links to other sites. Arbatus Editrice does not share the personal data of the user with these sites and is not responsible for the practices of the same in relation to the protection and processing of personal data.

Changes to the privacy policy
Arbatus Editrice will modify the present privacy policy from time to time. If Arbatus Editrice substantially modifies the processing methods of the user’s personal data, it will make this information available by publishing a specific communication on its website.

Questions or Suggestions
In case of questions or doubts in relation to the collection, use, treatment or communication or dissemination of their personal data, the user can send an e-mail to the following e-mail address: