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Trekking Alicudi – Timeless paths are waiting for you, come and discover its distant past.

Alicudi is an island particularly suitable for hiking, not surprisingly it has been defined as “The queen island of trekking in the Mediterranean”.

The island is unique in its physical conformation, in Italy there is no other place like it, here the wheel has not yet arrived and any travelling must be undertaken through the mule tracks, unique roads that give access both to houses and the most charming corners of this small island.

Traversing the old paths of Alicudi is a way to experience many emotions and in particular to discover nature trails, volcanic and historic, where the culture, traditions and customs of this island are hidden.

The island has been mapped and it is possible, following signs marked both on the land and on the map, to reach anywhere on the island. The map that marks the mule tracks is called “Metro Gradini”. (Metro Steps). Each trail has been identified with a different colour that resemble the symbols used in underground metro lines, it also reports the number of steps of each mule track, the time needed to go uphill and downhill and the degree of difficulty. The map includes 15 different routes with a brief description of the most interesting stops and objects of interest.

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