Payment Methods

Cash on delivery
By choosing this method, payment is made to the Courier at the time of delivery of the purchased product: € 2,5 must be added to the amount of the product and shipping as a contribution to cash on delivery.
Payment must be made only with banknotes or coins directly to the courier. Only exact amounts are accepted, corresponding to the amount of the order: the rest is not expected to be returned.
Cashier’s check or  bank check will not be accepted and cash payments for amounts over € 1,000 cannot be made. This mode is not available when buying Gift Certificates.

We accept the most common credit cards, including prepaid and rechargeable cards, issued exclusively on Italian territory: Visa, MasterCard, PostePay, American Express. With the payment by credit card will not be charged any type of supplement. For credit cards of the Visa and Mastercard circuits it is necessary to insert the cvv2 code, i.e. the last 3 digits which are on the back of the card, otherwise the order will be canceled.

PayPal is an online payment system that provides for the opening of an account with PayPal. Concluding a purchase with this type of payment will display a page on the PayPal site where you can enter the personal e-mail address and password of your PayPal account, or access the procedure for creating a new one. After registration you can proceed to payments via PayPal without having to re-enter the data, even for subsequent purchases. By choosing this payment method, the amount is debited directly from your PayPal account.

PayPal protects the buyer’s information.
A confirmation e-mail from PayPal will be sent to each transaction executed with this method. The order amount is debited from the PayPal account at the time the order is acquired. In case of cancellation, the amount is refunded to the customer’s PayPal account. We accept payments only from registered users on the Italian PayPal site.

To proceed with payment by bank transfer you can use the details below:

BANK: Intesa Sanpaolo
BANK BRANCH: Vicenza – San Felice
IBAN: IT 82N0306911893100000002239

By choosing this method of payment, once the order has been completed, the following procedure must be followed:

  • the reason for reporting on the bank transfer must indicate: the number and date of the order, the name and surname of the originator.

The banking practice requires that the bank transfer is credited to the current account of the beneficiary not earlier than 3/5 working days from its execution, consequently to these days will be added the days between the date of execution of the order and the date on which the customer will arrange the bank transfer.
We will proceed with the cancellation after 10 days from the date of acceptance of the order without Arbatus Editrice receiving the credit of the bank transfer.