Magical and evanescent landscapes that evoke ancestral rites, myths and legends lost in memory

Vulcano, the ancient Hierà (the sacred) was the place where the god of fire, Hephaestus had his forge and fashioned weapons in bronze for the gods. Thus, the mythical tale explains the constant volcanic activity, lasting until very recently, that shaped the morphology of the island. Let yourself go with the pleasure of an unforgettable trip. Awaken your senses because this island is for travellers who want to experience and immerse themselves totally in a fantastic adventure discovering unique emotions. You cannot remain indifferent to the charms of this volcanic landscape. Try climbing the Gran Crater where an indefinable cocktail of colours, lines and harmonies mingle with plumes of smoke rising from the volcano’s flanks, where the air thins until it becomes lost in a sky of intense blue, creating a magical atmosphere. An island to explore on foot, by motorbike, or bicycle, observing and contemplating the flora and fauna. Through the Piano, the old extinct volcano, visit the troglodyte caves which were the dwellings of the dead in prehistoric time. Reach the town of Gelso and opposite the ancient lighthouse, breathe in and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a place far away from noise and chaos. Find a new dimension closer to nature, a dimension in which time is slowed so that every minute aspect of this truly wild territory can be lived, enjoyed and experienced. Visit the “Valle dei Mostri“, mysterious rock formations their strange appearance generated by the continuous erosion of the wind. Take some time to watch the sunsets in front of the sea, discover the stunning views that this wonderful place has to offer. The island is a natural Eden, find out by immersing yourself in its waters and exploring the wonderful seabed or by relaxing on the beaches of black sand. And after all this activity try the regenerating effects of the geothermal pools or the Pozza dei Fanghi (mud pools) and the outdoor health and beauty centres. Experiment in “fangotherapy” (mud therapy) because the mud pools are rich in minerals valuable for therapeutic use and then swim in the sea near to the pools: notice the typical phenomenon of “gurgling” caused by fumaroles that heat the water and allow bathing even out of season. Fill with fun and entertainment the remaining time of your stay, walking among the shops that will entice you with a variety of articles or just enjoy the social life of the island. Taste the cuisine and then end your evening in one of the many nightclubs that offer the latest music, full of animation and life, where you can dance under the stars until dawn.