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Timeless paths are waiting for you, come and discover its distant past.

The island is unique in its physical conformation in Italy there is no other place like it, here the wheel has not yet arrived and the movements are necessarily done on foot. Traversing the old paths of Alicudi is a way to experience many emotions and in particular to discover nature trails, volcanic and historic, where the culture, traditions and customs of this island are hidden.


Where nature bestows culture…. walks rich in history and life.

Put on your walking shoes and get ready to discover a territory with a thousand facets. Along the trails you will find all the signs of the volcanic past, where you can also take unusual routes, following the traces of ancient civilizations. Be captivated by breathtaking scenery over roads, mule tracks, paths, walk between the sea and the mountains overlooking extremely beautiful views or while crossing the shrub land.


Emotional itineraries that will steal your soul.

At any time of the year you can follow several routes, follow paths that cross the island and offer the opportunity to learn about the different environments. Lipari will invite you to take long walks that where you can immerse yourself in the scents of the earth, the flowers, and the sea. Where you can discover the volcanic nature of the island while listening to the murmur of the wind and the waves that crash on the rocks, a magical place characterized in corners of an unforgettable beauty.


Nature walks between vineyards of Malvasia and capers.

Salina is an island of paths, crisscrossing the countryside converging and continuing along other roads both on land and sea. Traces of history can be found along the way: archaeological remains emerge between the stones and tell the story of the ancient inhabitants of the island. If you enjoy walking in the open, Salina is for you. It is a unique land due to its difference, accessible, close, historical and a natural place in which to walk and discover its deep volcanic heart that made this land the green and fertile island of this archipelago


Get to know the island; walking will combine both passion and knowledge!

On the Volcano you can walk on the edge of the mouth of the crater at the summit and feel the breath of the god Hephaestus, full of the sulphurous vapours that stain the rock red and yellow. On the island there are unimaginable itineraries: for example through the valley of Ròia, a gorge formed by two high, vertical rock walls carved over the centuries by flowing water. Vulcano is an island to explore and discover even out of season, exploring across all corners of an island that conveys peace and absolute quiet.


Where tranquillity and quiet enchant the visitor.

The best way to get to know the island is to immerse yourself in its nature and discover its special landscape while trekking. Panarea has a wide variety of itineraries offering landscapes full of colours, that transmit a feeling of absolute peace and quiet, making any walk a kaleidoscopic journey of extraordinary natural wonders. Discover the magical views while breathing in the rich natural scents of the island while wrapped in the beauty of untouched nature.


Itineraries that embrace the mysterious charm of the volcano.

The trails of the island are a combination of the naturalistic and volcanological aspects of the island. You’ll hear the beating heart of Stromboli in the depths of the earth, while the climb to the crater will offer you a magnificent show of light and sound, with the suggestive view of the fountains of red lava flowing into the sea, along the Sciara del Fuoco. On the island you can experience the unique and unforgettable experience of watching a pulsating live volcano at close range.